Monday, November 23, 2009

New project under construction: Darkling

After a long hiatus, Atlas Dance is back in action, creating a new solo dance/radio play/sound piece with collaborators Stephan Moore, Kimberly Young, and Kyra Miller. Here is the short description we are currently running with:

Darkling is a performance in the round for 1 dancer, 5 speakers, and 4 disembodied voices. Starting from fables passed through the ages, sprinkled with rumors of monsters and magic, steeped in superstition and ominous ritual, this event is halfway between solo performance and multichannel radio play. The audience sits on four sides of a play space containing meagre projected light and a solo dancer. It is a nether region of semidarkness, surrounded by sound, music and the voices of 4 actors, located somewhere cold, hearty, violent, in the best be forgotten past.

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