Thursday, December 2, 2010

Premiering Darkling!

I haven't been the most prolific blogger on the planet, but it strikes me that I am premiering this new work next week, and so maybe it is worth posting a few words.

The amazing group of artists/collaborators I have worked with over the last year live in Providence, New York City, the Catskill Mountains, Troy, and Berlin/Nuremberg... we skype, email, phone. Much of the piece lived in my mind, and in snippets, for a long time. It only really came together, magically and manically, when we were finally in the same theater together for tech rehearsals last week. "Darkling" emerged. This piece is full of firsts for my work: live interactive media, writing a full throttle text-driven script, making an evening-length solo, a radio play (not really, as there is no dialogue!), a beast. Obviously my years as curator in an experimental media and performance center have had an impact. But also, there is something about the clash of media and live performance with ancient stories and images that suddenly feels like the right direction to me.

So, we are about to send "Darkling" out into the world, like a ship in the night, into the unknown - which is basically what the piece is about. I hope dear reader, you will be able to see it live. This is one that is going to have a hard time being made for TV.

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